Orange Vision 1011b 10 Grid

Ref: H14-0352-IA-5

EASY COOKING - Fast and simple control.
VISION AGENT - Virtual help-mate.
ACTIVE CLEANING - Automatic cleaning system.
Coloured touch screen display.
Hot air 30 - 300 °C
Combination 50 - 300 °C.
Steaming 99 - 130 °C
Bio steaming 30 - 98 °C.
4 point temperature core probe
Curved glass - helps to cool down the outer door glass
Delta T cooking, steaming
Low temperature roasting
Cook & Hold
Banquet system
Programming up to 1000 programs with 20 steps
5 speed ventilator
Ventilator fan timing
Separate rack timing
Learn function
Fan Stop immediate stop of ventilator when doors opened
Automatic preheating/cooling
Autoclima steam saturation control
Automatic start
QuickView - fast program overview
Flap valve
ACM (Automatic Capacity Management)
Energy logic
Double glass doors preventing heat escape
Turbo steam function fast steam
USB Plug-in
LAN internet communication channel